Dining Room Furniture

At Twohey Home, our dining room furniture will help express your own personal style while going beyond your expectations of practicality. Our great selection of rustic and modern dining room furniture delivers sophistication and individuality for any lifestyle. Our high quality rustic dining room furniture such as tables, chair and bar stools can be customized to the style and character of your home.

Pemberton dining

Pemberton Dining



Rafters dining

Rafters Dining Room Collection

Davis Post & Beam

Davis Post & Beam

Modern Dining1

Modern Dining

Modern Dining2

Modern Dining

Tribeca Dining Set

Portland Chair

Algoma Chair

Royal Fanback

Soul Table

Rafters Table

We’ll help turn your dining room into a haven of comfort and style. Call us at 705-748-9551 or visit our showroom.